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Centralian Controls Training Courses

Centralian Controls offers a range of training courses including:

  • Control Valve Engineering
  • Control Valve Maintenance
  • Relief Valve Engineering
  • Relief Valve Maintenance
  • Digital Valve Controller Configuration, Calibration and Diagnostic Interpretation
  • Remote Operations Controller (ROC) Configuration and Programming

These courses can be adapted to suit specific customer requirements.  Training can also be developed for specific customer needs. Please contact Centralian Controls if the course you require is not listed above.



Pipeline Automation Technology Seminar

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Bettis BHH and BL Series Hydraulic Actuators

Bettis BH Series - Hydraulic Helical Spline Actuators & Accessories Presentation

Process ESD Systems Presentation

Linear Product & Sizing Applications Presentation - Product and Market Overview

Bettis PressureGuard - Introduction Presentation

Valve Automation - Shafer Presentation


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