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Instrumentation & Control

- ROC RTU & Flow Computers
- Radio Telemetry
- Variable speed drives
The Fisher ROC 809 is a powerful, flexible RTU that includes features found in flow computers and PLCs, making the Fisher ROC 800 series ideal for a wide range of applications requiring sophisticated measurement and control.
Fisher ROC 809 Flow Computer
Vacon - A Complete range of drives from 0.25kW to 5mW
Vacon NXS Drive

Radio Telemetry

Centralian Controls supplies and provides engineering solutions for a wide range of radio telemetry and wireless communication sytems.

The team of sales engineers at Centralian Controls can assist with radio and antenna selection to suit specific remote monitoring and/or control requirements.


ELPRO Radio Telemetry


ELPRO is a world-leading manufacturer of industrial radios suitable for remote monitoring, remote control and wireless data.

The ELPRO radio solutions are an easy, low cost alternative to signal wiring or data wiring.
ELPRO's products cover the full range of the Industrial Wireless market including radio telemetry (wireless I/O), serial radio modemsethernet radio modems and wireless radio gateways.

Trio Radios


Trio DataCom are leaders in wireless digital data radio modem technology and have established an enviable reputation as suppliers of digital data radio modems for use in Point to Multi Point (MAS) data radio communication systems as well as Point to Point data links.

Employing the latest digital licensed radio and frequency hopping license free spread spectrum radio and modem technology, Trio radios offer features unique in wireless data implementations for SCADA and Telemetry.

Trio's versatile frequency hopping license free spread spectrum radio products are designed for dependable long range data communications and include a Store & Forward Repeater capability.

TRIO radio modems are ideal for communication of wireless data for SCADA and Telemetry applications.
TRIO Radio Modems for SCADA and radio telemetry applications
FloBoss flow computers are designed specifically for hydrocarbon liquid and gas flow measurement.
FloBoss flow computer with solar power supply
GE Intelligent Platforms HMI/SCADA software products include iFIX, Cimplicty and the Proficy suite of Operations Management software.
Automation & Operations Management Software
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