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The Fisher ROC 809 is a powerful, flexible RTU that includes features found in flow computers and PLCs, making the Fisher ROC 800 series ideal for a wide range of applications requiring sophisticated measurement and control.
Fisher ROC 809 Flow Computer
Vacon - A Complete range of drives from 0.25kW to 5mW
Vacon NXS Drive

RTUs and Flow Computers

Centralian Controls supplies and provides engineering solutions for Fisher ROC RTUs, FloBoss flow computers and Daniel flow computers for gas and liquid applictions.

The team of instrumentation sales engineers at Centralian Controls have extensive experience in gas and liquid flow measurement. Specialised support is available for customers and integrators using the Fisher ROC, FloBoss and Daniel range of gas and liquid flow computer equipment.


Fisher ROC RTUs


Fisher Remote Operations Controllers (ROCs) are general-purpose RTUs designed for a variety of measurement and control applications, including gas flow measurement for both production and metering applications.

The family of Fisher ROC RTUs starts with the ROC 306, ROC 312 and ROC 364 products for low to medium point-count applications requiring gas flow measurement and control capability.

For more sophisticated gas flow measurement and control applications the ROC 800 series Remote Operations Controllers are available. These include the ROC809 and ROC827 RTUs which are ideal for field installations where the monitoring, measurement and control of processes and equipment are required.

The ROC800-Series has the ruggedness and low power consumption of an RTU; the audit trails and historical data of a flow computer; and the scalability, speed and control capability of a PLC in a single device.  It is ideal for field installations where the monitoring, measurement and control of processes and equipment are required.



Floboss Flow Computers


FloBossTM flow computers are designed specifically for hydrocarbon liquid and gas measurement where accuracy and versatility matter.

The standard features of the various FloBoss models make them ideal for fiscal measurement, custody transfer, batch loading and meter proving applications.

FloBoss flow computers allow multi-stream multi-station applications and can be configured for simulataneos metering of liquids and gases.


Daniel Flow Computers


Daniel® Flow Computers are specialised flow computers designed for custody transfer flow measurement in both oil and gas applications. Daniel flow computers analyze and process flow measurement data, freeing personnel from manual data gathering and processing.

Daniel flow computers calculate, analyze and process data from oil and gas production, pipeline and distribution operations.

In oil and gas applications, the Daniel® S600 Flow Computer is popular for fiscal metering, custody transfer, batch loading, meter proving, multi-stream measurement, station monitoring/control and other applications that requires a high-performance measurement and control flow computer.

TRIO radio modems are ideal for communication of wireless data for SCADA and Telemetry applications.
TRIO Radio Modems for SCADA and radio telemetry applications
FloBoss flow computers are designed specifically for hydrocarbon liquid and gas flow measurement.
FloBoss flow computer with solar power supply
GE Intelligent Platforms HMI/SCADA software products include iFIX, Cimplicty and the Proficy suite of Operations Management software.
Automation & Operations Management Software
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